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Commissioning Day, 25 March 1941

USS Zircon (PY-16) Commissioning Ceremony

The USS Zircon (PY-16) was commissioned at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on 25 March 1941, with six officers and fifty-eight enlisted men on board. During the ship’s commissioning ceremony, Captain Harold Vincent McKittrick of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, along with his assistant, Lieutenant Hugo Frank Sasse, handed over command of the newly converted Navy vessel to Lieutenant Commander Cornelius Martin Sullivan.

Captain Harold Vincent McKittrick, Lt. Commander Cornelius Martin Sullivan, Lt. Hugo FrankSasse

Below… the deck log entry for the ship’s first day as a Navy vessel…

Cover of Deck Log, 25 March 1941
List of Officers, 25 March 1941
Remarks and roster of the ship’s crew
Remarks and continuation of the ship’s roster

In this process, I learned that the first men to serve aboard a ship upon its commissioning are known as Plank Holders. The Plank Holders, therefore, of the USS Zircon (PY-16) were as follows (in alphabetical order):

Ignacio Acack, OS1c*
Arthur Merrill Adams, S2c*
Charles John Andres, S1c*
Joseph Francis Baldassare, S2c*
Raymond John Battistelli, SF2c*
John Stuart Bennethum, S1c*
Joseph Cornelius Benson, Jr., SM3c
John Paul Boyd, S1c*
Thomas Brader, EM1c
Richard Kendall Cockey, Lieut. (j.g.) D-O, USNR (Gunnery)*
Francis Michael Conlon, S2c
William Louis Dommerich, Ensign D-O, USNR (Asst. Gunnery)*
Arthur Fleming Drant, Jr., F3c*
John Robert Edwards, MM1c*
Spencer Joseph Emory Ettman, S2c*
George Joseph Fager, F2c*
Lester M. Ferguson, Matt3c
William Joseph Franey, CBM (PA)*
Emanuel Friedman, S1c
Charles Frederick Havemeyer, Lieut. D-V(S), USNR (Communication)*
Walter Hudgins, Matt1c*
Daniel Johnson, F2c
Charles Jordan, MM2c
George Donald Kelly, F1c
George Vincent Killoran, Cox
Henry Francis Kroupa, RM2c*
George LaRoy, MM2c
Edward Lawrence Larsen, GM3c*
Alexander Lulic, RM1c
William Frederick Luthmann, S2c*
Francis James Lynch, S2c
James Stoughton MacBride, CMM (PA)*
Thurlow Willis Manzie, EM2c
John McGhie, MM2c*
John Charles McNicol, QM3c*
James Eli Monte, MM1c
John Earl Morgan, SC3c
Charles Milne Morris, Y2c
Joseph John Muller, F1c
William Mortimer Newman, MM1c*
Erhard Linus Olson, CQM (PA)*
Julio Sabila Pacalioga, OC1c
Michael Angelo Paladino, CGM (AA)*
John Herbert Peach, SK3c*
William Richard Salomons, Jr., S1c*
Charles Owen Schauss, F1c*
William Sexton, EM3c
George Preston Seybolt, S1c*
Francis Lynde Sherwood, RM3c*
Michael Joseph Silvasie, S2c
Solomon Silverman, PhM1c
Edward Simon, CM3c
Theodore Soltys, BM2c*
Christopher Sottile, S1c*
Carl Stone, SM1c
Iliff Ira Strahan, Ensign E-M, USNR (Engineer)*
Cornelius Martin Sullivan, Lieut. Comdr., USN (Commanding)
George Eugene Tessier, CCStd (AA)*
Kenneth Edward Thompson, S2c*
Frank Truhn, Jr., SM1c*
Elster Johannessen Tufte, S1c*
Anthony Joseph Viviano, GM2c
Harrison Gates White, Lieut. Comdr., DE-O, USN (Executive)
Vincent Joseph Zemalkowski, SC1c*

*Zircon sailors whose children, grandchildren, or other family with whom I’ve been in contact. I’ve transcribed the names on the log as it is my hope that others whose fathers or grandfathers or uncles served on the Zircon will find this site and reach out to me.

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